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Even now we have entered the 21st Century, many virus infections still cause a threat to humanity. Infections like AIDS, especially in developing countries, influenza pandemics, SARS, bird flu outbreaks are a constant concern.

Also in Japan, vaccine development and anti-viral drug research to prevent viral infections is broadly carried out and expected to soon reach the clinical stages. In addition, the recent increase in bacterial and mycoplasma infections after surgery and neonatal nursing, observed after administration of immune-suppressive and cancer drug therapies are causing great concern. Recent deaths caused by antibiotic resistant bacterial strains show the need for a new class of antibiotics.

It is therefore that basic and applied research in fighting these infections is urgently needed. Concerns about the impact of global warming, resulting in sub-tropical conditions moving towards Japan and causing threats in (new) tropical infectious diseases. Diagnostic tools to halt spreading these diseases are therefore urgently needed.

Shigematsu Co., Ltd. has a long history in infectious research and recently spinout a new company ViroQuest Corp. The new company will deal with virus-related opportunistic infections, special research materials, as well as (custom made) reagents to serve the Japanese research market. Having close contacts with all principle researchers in Japan, it is the mission of ViroQuest to become a Total Supplier, ranging from import to supply, thereby focusing on:

*supporting Japanese researchers through communication with manufacturers all around the world
*providing market research and updated information of the latest products
*acting as a fast and inexpensive supplier of imported reagents products.

It is our sincere wish that with the help of everybody, ViroQuest will be able to fulfill its needs in the Japanese virology and research society.

ViroQuest Corporation
Kenshiro Shigematsu, President
Various assay kits: IFA, ELISA, Western Blot and blocking agents Monoclonal, polyclonal antibodies
Recombinant proteins, native antigens
Purified viruses, concentrated viruses (Japanese infectious disease law: 4th class relevant)
Bacteria, alive or inactivated (Japanese infectious disease law: 4th class relevant)
Clinical and diagnostic specimens, custom services, protocols, CRF, Informed Consent, IRB preparation
Anti-viral drug screening test services
Vaccine development support service
Custom preparations for recombinant proteins, viral lysates, antibodies
Scientific and academic information, product catalogs delivery services
Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine
Cell culture related reagents, sera and albumins.
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About Us
Company Name
ViroQuest Corporation
Kenshiro Shigematsu
Fiscal Year ending
March, 31
Major trading bank
MUFG Bank, LTD. Kawaramachi Branch
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